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Be secure. Anyone who buys a new smartphone today, did research, compared and is really familiar with their new favorite device. It would be a pity if, due to high repair costs, you would have to get rid of your device too soon. Most brands offer a manufacturer warranty, but these already end after one or two warranty years, like with smartphones from Samsung, HUAWEI and Apple.
With 3 year warranty you can purchase extra security, and spend three worry free years with your smartphone. Because we offer you extra Warranty, it doesn't matter if your device has one or two year manufacturer warranty, we always give you 3 full years of warranty.

You can depend on us.

We offer you easy handling with the highest quality of repair.

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What is "3 year warranty"?

"3 year warranty" is your warranty extension for your smartphone or tablet. Devices, which have "3 year warranty", are offered by your trusted shops. The "3 year warranty" gives you free warranty repairs as of the 25th month (Samsung, Huawei), or 13th month (Apple) after the purchase of your new device - after manufacturer warranty has expired. We extend your warranty for 1 (Samsung, Huawei), or 2 years (Apple) compared with most manufacturers.

How can I purchase "3 year warranty"?

Smartphones or tablets with the extra protection of "3 year warranty" can be purchased at any participating shop. Just ask if your shop offers this service for you.

When does "3 year warranty" apply?

The first two years (Samsung, Huawei) or the first year (Apple) is coverd by your manufacturer warranty. As of the 25th month (Samsung, Huawei) or the 13th month (Apple) the "3 year warranty" service applies. That means your smartphone or tablet is protected for 3 years. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we request you to register your new smartphone or tablet after purchasing 3 year warranty here

What advantages does "3 year warranty" offer?

When your smartpone or tablet has the protection "3 year warranty", you have the following advantages:

  • 1 year extra protection for your Samsung or Huawei device, or 2 years extra for your Apple device. Easy handling of warranty claims.
  • Competent and manufacturer certified repairs
  • Free shipping

What is covered by "3 year warranty"?

"3 year warranty" covers free of charge repairs for your registered smartphone or tablet. Covered are damages which are not self-inflicted and that inhibit the functionality of your device due to a material failure to sinlge parts or the complete device. The "3 year warranty" is thus limited to hardware components of your device, which means that some components and accessories are not covered such as batteries, chargers, cables, storage cards or similiar.

All applicable warranty condtions can be found here.

What is not covered?

The "3 year warranty" does not cover any damages caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Incorrect internal usage or handling of the device
  • Viruses or use of software not included with the purchase of device or which were installed incorrectly
  • External actions such as accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, quakes, excessive heat, insufficient airflow, power fluctuations, excessive or non compliant power supply, radiation, electrostatic discharge such as lightning as well as external force or impacts
  • Repairs or attempts at repairs not done by specialist repair companies that are authorized by the manufacturer
  • Negligence
  • Fraud

What happens if you want to enter a warranty claim?

If you want to enter a warranty claim you should report the defect as soon as possible and send in your device for repair.

You can also send in your device within normal manufacturer warranty (1 or 2 years) to "3 year warranty". As a repair centre authorized by many manufacturers we offer you the highest possible service. In the third year after purchase we are the only ones to offer an extension of warranty to your registered device. In case of a warranty claim you can easily report the defect online and send it in for repair.

How do I report a warranty claim?

A request for repairs covered by warranty can be made by following this link: After entering your IMEI, the system will check whether your device has "3 year warranty". Then the repair will be processed.

My device does not have "3 year warranty". What can I do?

Within the manufacturer warranty of 24 or 12 motnhs you can send in your defective device without "3 year warranty". After the manufacturer warranty and after "3 year warranty" has expired, "3 year warranty" also offers paid repairs. You can request a paid repair via and you will receive an offer for your requested repair.

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